ITF $10.000 Santa Margherita pula


Backed up message: From the thread "Tsitsipas jokes about Djokovic's injury", which was deleted. The backed up message contains three of my posts, two from @weakera and one from @Tennis_Freak99, which I managed to save.

My first reaction at @weakera:

During AO 2021, Karolína Muchova struggled with a tear of the abdominal muscle, despite this, she advanced to the semifinals of the grand slam for the first time in her career. Bjorn Borg faced pain of abdominal muscle during Wimbledon in 1976, had to take cortisone injections, yet won the tournament without losing the set. Do you think they are liars? And if not, why do you trust them and not Djoker?
@Tennis_Freak99's reaction to my post above:
The following posts are a chain of reactions between me and @weakera:
In other words, you only have assumptions and prejudices. . If this dispute were resolved by a court tribunale, with your claims you would not succeed, because we (Djoker fans) will have an official medical report.
"b-but, muh offishul medical report!" :laughing:

Lincoln's words apply perfectly to you.
I, too, can't wait for the premiere of the Djokovic Documentary. It's sure to capture an Academy Award or three and be heralded globally for its journalistic integrity :whistle: