It's Drak's birthday!!!!!!!


Walks into the Bistro....approaches microphone...
Taps ever so this thing on???
Cough cough...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy Birthday dearest Drakulie
Happy birthday to you
blows kisses to Daddy Drak and Bailey......;)


Talk Tennis Guru
Oh man, you must be ancient by now!

Happy birthday bud, I am about to go out and tip a few cold ones and put down some wings in your honor.

Have a good one, and remember, you don't stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing.



Oh no, two threads for Drak? Well, I guess a LEGEND such as our Yoda deserves it!

Happy happy birthday!

Steady Eddy

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Happy happy birthday, to ev'ry girl and boy,
hope this very special day, brings you lots of joy.
Hope that birthday present, you get from Mom and Dad,
will make this very special day, the best you ever had.


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ILC, thank you very much, and to the rest of you!!! Much appreciated.

As for Bailey pics, no one news right now. :( But, I'm sure once the Mid-Atlantic Chapter gets down here in two weeks, there will be plenty of Bailey pics!!! :)

Again, thank you for the B-Day wishes to everyone, much appreciated. !!!