Its Easy to Change my head youtek speeds grip pallet?


just because i bought my racquets with size 2 and its not enough so i got 4 sets of overgrips on my racquets and the grip is almost round so its hard to change grip style while playing.
It is hard to change it? Or i can simply buy them and put them on my racquets?

My racquets are: head youtek speed lite size 2

and the pallets are without a buttcap?i have to buy them also or it comes with it?

Head YOUTEK Speed Replacement
Grip Pallets 10,00 €
Replacement pallet for handle
repair or to change the handle size
of a HEAD racquet with a pallet
handle system.

Head Standard Butt Cap (Grey &
Black) 4,50 €


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You don't need to restaple the buttcap in the end. Just get some very good ink put some on the end of the pallet some in the end of the buttcap and then apply pressure during 1 or 2 minutes. Done that i more than 10 racquets and never had a problem so far.


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Is it easy to swap out the regular youtek prestige tk82 pallets to these tk82s ones?

I'm not sure but i think the shape is the same.. The only difference is that the TK82S are longer because the Speed handle is bigger than the prestige one.

But if you still want to change them you will have to cut a little bit in the end of the TK82S to make the the same lenght of the handle.