It's generally agreed that Borg was the real No. 1 in 1977

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    Nov 6, 2013
    thank you very much for the info!
    as i said, if it's the case that Vilas had the most points, he must be listed as #1
    no need to be so tensed up!
    i just wanted to explain, why i think some do not rank Vilas as #1 for that year.
    thnak you very very much for all the other info!
    and i want to apologize for noting that your favourite player lost a match here and there;)
    besides that i just wanted to point out that the Lendl/Becker case was different (in the process), but the result was the same: Lendl had more points and was the rightful #1.
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    Nov 21, 2016
    Well, it's not a question of saying if Vilas lose a game here or there: you practically "reinvented" the vilas 77' season stating openly that he wins only one time Connors (false), he lost the olny match played vs Nastase (false) and he have no victories to top players (false)
    So, if you want to call tension to remarks your false statements ... no problem.

    By the Way, yes: Vilas was one of my favorites tennis players among Borg himself, McEnroe, Nole and Mansour Bahrami. No problem whit that either :cool:
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