It's Sup's Birthday Thread!!!!!!!!!!


Wearing slinky sequined dress with elbow length gloves, FiFi approaches the microphone....takes it into her hand and in a breathy voice sings.....
Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday Monsieur Sup...........................................
Happy Birthday to you....................................................
Blows kisses and sends wishes for the best birthday ever to her good friend, Sup2Dresq......


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No way! It's Sup's birthday?! No way!

If it really is, Happy Birthday, Sup!

You don't know how much I appreciate your input regarding my game. I probably can't repay it in a lifetime. Thanks again for everything and happy birthday.


^^^Yes, Siccy, it really is. I bet if you want to try to attempt to repay him in beer that'd be okay. ;)

Happy Birthday El Jefe.


Suk Sarn Wan Gert (in Thai)

Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu (in Japanese)


It's always nice to have you around to talk anything about tennis.

Good luck with the chapter as well as your tennis game.

If you cut down the amount of beer you drink in half, even the Great Roger would be scared of you.

You gotta make it to Thailand!!


Whaaattt??!?! Was there a super secret birthday party that I didn't know about?

Happy Birthday Sup! Thanks for all the stuff you do for the MAC members. How old are you in Kryptonian years? :)


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Happ Birthday, Spanish Pantalones!!

Tried calling you. >>No answer. You must be hiding in a pair of women's undies. :)


Why does this guy need a birthday thread?
Yeah, happy birthday. Have fun deciding what to buy with your small fortune.
*rolls eyes*


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Thanks for birthday wishes.

In an attempt to answer and respond to all the posts.. I have put together a quick response list..

-Thanks for the singing fifi... but where is the French Maid uniform.. oh wait I've said to much.

-Shcmad and others, my pleasure helping out the TWMAC. They give so much back... *crickets chirp* ...

-I'm as old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth.

-Sup doesnt wear a sombrero. However it reminds me to get a haircut.

-Shintan, I'm thinking about attempting a Moz (Jolly) no drinking phase. Must get details and a priest for Roger/Nadal.

-Drak, that type of behavior is only meant for the GOAT. Which will be funny to hear this year when the players come to the club. One thing to call you a legend.. women may not understand GOAT. Though you are gruffy.

Thanks for the well wishes.



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chris, feliz feliz cumpleaños amigo, sorry for the dealy but stupid fb didn't alert me on the big event...