It's time for drop shot serves on clay!

Drop shot serve?

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I know this has been up for discussion many times in different threads but I think it needs a thread for proper discussion. The return positions on clay are getting more and more extreme for every year now. Nadal and Thiem standing 5 meters behind the baseline to return and doing so with interest. No regular serve gains an advantage against such return position.

In the past when players had more neutral return positions I understand that a drop shot serve would just have been considered poor sportmanship but now it should be considered a good oppurtunity to hit a drop shot against a player standing 5 meters behind the baseline.

In regular play if a player is standing that far back a drop shot from the baseline would be almost a certain point if executed correctly. The same should be true for a drop shot serve. The question is who will be gutsy enough to exploit the extreme return positions.