I've just been diagnosed with Glandular Fever (mono)


Which probably explains why I have been so uninterested by tennis/exercise in general lately. Doc said that I am probably infectious for about a year and I have a girlfriend which is great.....I was really sick on the weekend but was feeling a lot better today except for a bad cough, my sore throat/difficulty to swallow was improving so I am a little annoyed that it is actually mono....

Anyone else ever had it? How long were you bad for?


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I know people that have had it, goes for about 2 weeks and it is recommended that you only do physical activities a week after that...


Well I was sick about Tuesday last week, and slept all weekend, so I reckon I am about a week into the symptoms already? Which is good. I read some stories about people doing nothing but sleep and watch tv for a week, but my week was actually not that lazy..


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Ouch Duzza, that sucks man

Well Wimbledon is around the corner, so that means pleanty of lying on the couch watching T.V :)


no tv??? that sucks man. and mono definitely takes longer than two weeks IMO. in highschool, the people who had mono always missed like two MONTHS


Ouch...sorry to hear that.

You will be fatigued for about 1-2 months after having mono...sometimes longer.

Hope you get well soon!



Sorry to hear this, Duzza. I don't know if it'll make you feel better, but over 90% of the world gets mono at some point. Just hang in there for the next few weeks and you'll be ok. You'll be fully recovered in 18 months.


no tv??? that sucks man. and mono definitely takes longer than two weeks IMO. in highschool, the people who had mono always missed like two MONTHS
Nah I got TV, but in Australia normal free-air TV is quite ok. I have Seinfeld, Arrested Development and Scrubs anyway :D
I got it when I was in college, probably had it for 2 weeks before I got sick enough to go to the doctor. I felt sick (sore throat, slight fever) for about 3 or 4 weeks. I felt tired and low on energy for close to 6 months. I'd say it took me a solid 6 - 7 months until I felt "normal" again and could get back to doing all of my usual activities without being worn out.


bad luck... had a friend get it and he could not do anything for 2 weeks... couldnt even eat solids for most of it... just soup... best of luck to get better.


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Nasty. I had it when I was 19, it came out a few days before taking end of year exams. Couldn't swallow solids, lived on soup for a couple of weeks before feeling a bit better.

I was extremely lethargic for about 6 weeks but then started recovering. I went on a complete Mars Bar bender and put on loads of weight, which I've never really been able to shift. I even got stretch marks!

I was at the end of a full-time one year accountance course and had to pass six exams or pass five and be referred in one. I ended up passing four and the college gave special dispensation to resit two about 3 months later.

Unfortunately at that stage in my life I was far too stupid in many ways and still managed to fail one of the resits, thus failing the year. Doofus.


Hey guys, just wanted to update you that I'm feeling a lot better symptoms wise. My sore throat is pretty much gone and I feel like doing stuff. The only problem is that I still haven't been doing any fitness or exercise and my muscles are becoming very sore and weak I feel because of this. People are telling me to rest but I just want to get back into physical activity again!

One good thing that has come out of it is I haven't touched alcohol/fast food in over 2 weeks!


Hey guys, just letting you know that I fully recovered from it after about 1 month, possibly less. I took a combination of Vitamin B+Immune System strengthening pills which helped a motherload. Now suffering from 2 broken toes though :)


Careful you don't get relapses. Listen to your body if you feel tired rest. I had really bad relapses for well over a year after I got it and tired bouts for nearly 2 years after.


Those vitamins really helped! Most cases resolve in 2 to 3 weeks and yours only took a month.
2-3 weeks?? No way..Mario Ancic was off the tour for about 6 months, and is off again. And I meant 1 month in total, about 1-2 weeks after the vitamins. I was skiing full on about halfway through my treatment too.


relapses can happen anytime for the rest of your life.

In addition to what was mentioned and far more effective for treatment :

high dose ester-C 15-25 grams a day

zinc 100mg a day

colloidal silver teaspoon a day

guaranteed to shorten duration of any relapse

bear in mind that relapses are more likely to occur when you are stressed and
fatigued to the max, like playing 2 long 5 set matches in 3 days