Iveta Benesova



I was watching ESPN's coverage of Day 2 of the French Open, and the first match I saw was Serena Williams. I must say I am a Williams Sisters fan. Their father really has done wonders for these girls, and I'm proud to say I'm a fan of theirs. I did notice today, that Serena's opponent, Benesova, was rather attractive! Who is this girl, because she had some fight in her throughout the match, taking a couple of her serve games into like eight or nine deuces in the second set? If her skirt was any lower, it probably would have fallen off. Serena's outfit was quite unique, but Benesova stood out in my mind. Lastly, did anyone see the few games ESPN showed of Martina's match today? Her Argentine opponent was pretty cute as well, Gisela Dulko. What do you think of all this?


Fresno, like your style. I've been puzzled at the lack of response to Dulko's obvious talent - she handled Martina's balls very well.


I thought the same thing about Dulko, she looks pretty cute and she had a really nice looking game too. She really had some smart plays and nice looking strokes. I didn't watch Benesova too much because I have chosen to stop watching Williams matches unless they are playing one of about the five womens players that I like to watch.