Jason Isaccs showing us tennis mechanics...


So I was watching the movie "The Patriot" and noticed during the following movie sequence that Jason Isaacs (plays the brutal Tavington) seems to demonstrate fundamentally-sound tennis mechanics when attempting to behead Benjamin Martin with his sword...


So then I look it up... and it ends up that Isaccs is actually an avid tennis player. Check out the quote from this article:


"I'd live in a cardboard box in the middle of the motorway if I had a tennis court out the back."

Pretty cool stuff.


Yea, that's a WTA style beheading and not the more advanced and coller ATP style beheading.

This reminds me of those old tips in Tennis Magazine like "imaging pulling the sword from the sheath on the backhand" and "use a jab punch like a boxer on the forehand volley". We use to mock those tips with things like "imagine stabbing an ice pick into your opponent on the forehand volley".

So, "imagine beheading your opponent on the FH passing shot follow-through".


He did not follow the path of the head and he did not account for the underspin on it resulting in a complete shank and at his level these mistakes will murder any chances you had of being competitive.