JC & Tennis Machines


You won't find any better. I've purchased two machines from them and sold them a couple of others. JC is, without a doubt, the best of the best.


I would like to add my name to this list!

I have only had 1 experience with JC, as I was having an error on start up. He told me how to get into programming mode, the adjustment to make, the acceptable range and the very small range he found worked the best. I asked what part might be the issue (load cell), if he had them in stock and the cost.

I have had to make that adjustment a total of 3x times now, so I suspect I will be purchasing that load cell soon. But I will without a doubt do it from JC!

I thanked him and also let him know his repuation on the boards was a good one, and my experience echoed that sentiment. Big props to tennis machines dot com


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I've been stringing for maybe 10 years. I started with an Ektelon Model D, moved to a Prince P200, and then on to a Ektelon Neos 1000 with a Wise. JC is an expert at all of those machines. He has the owner's manuals, knowledge, etc to get them working like new and can/will guide you over the phone. He knows more than GOOGLE or YOUTUBE on the topic! He's the Chuck Norris of stringing! He once sent me a brake pad for free.