Jelena Dokic: Another sad story of abuse and stifled talent


Her father is a total psychopath in the way he treated her and tried to railroad her and beat her through her entire career. I never knew about the Wimbledon story though, that is truly heartbreaking. How anyone can treat their child like that is totally beyond me. I feel like if Lindsay had known about it she would have had Jelena staying in her room that night after the loss because thats the kind of person she was.

Poor Jelena, no one should have to experience that. It also speaks so much to her inner strength that she kept trying for year to make it in spite of all that, that she refused to let it completely stop her because part of her actually loved the game despite her dad.

Its pretty sad that Tennis Australia is making the statement that they are. she would have been I think 17 at Wimbledon in 2000...would that have still made her a minor? I know that definition is different in other country's, in the USA she would be a minor and offered protection.


Not sure what's more appalling. Dokic's father's treatment of her, or the fact that the police and other authorities did nothing about it despite numerous complaints from fellow players. :mad: