Jelena Jankovic sells her San Diego home!


All of them.

They are like the Babolat of cars: many like them, but they destroy good taste and your wallet for no good reason.
Nice analogy :)

I'll always have a soft spot for them though as a child I once got a ride to a science day camp by a model in a Porsche (her bf knew my parents and were staying with us for the week). My friends didnt believe me but then she pulled up again to pick me up. Highlight of that year for me!


I guess doing top gun qualifies cruise to fly a plane:)
Not only does Tom Cruise flys a plane and helicopter but has train in a jet fighter. The military will not allow civilians to pilot a military jet fighter like the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet strike fighter, but Tom Cruise is working on an exception to the rule.



With a 14 car garage!

Tennis star Jelena Janković is serving up her custom-built mansion for $13.5 million. Janković bought the bare lot in a gated community in San Diego in 2008 for $1.53 million. Completed in 2014, her home is simply smashing.

The multiyear construction involved an Italian design firm that built parts of the home in Europe. The pieces were then shipped to San Diego, and many of the walls, millwork, and stonework were installed on-site.

“It's definitely one of those true craftsmen-built home,” says listing agent Ryan Dalzell.

"The level of detail is really amazing,” he adds, noting the wood-paneled office with the coffered ceiling, which was designed and custom-built abroad.

The home on the 2-acre property measures 15,113 square feet and has eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms.

Two master suites—one on the main floor and one on the upper level—provide multiple living options. The main level includes the office, formal living room, and great room with travertine walls, wood beams, and glass doors. Luxury finishes include imported marble, onyx, and walnut
Wow, incredible! Its amazing the amount of money they have.
All of them.

They are like the Babolat of cars: many like them, but they destroy good taste and your wallet for no good reason.
I have never heard this comparison....and i am both a tennis and car guy. Tell me more! How does a car brand Destroy good taste? Man, i can see morons destroying taste...but a car brand? What do you like?
I see porsche as a german Subaru. Or maybe subaru is a japanese porsche. Flat configured engines and all.

Like you, in Tennis.....I do not like the light, cheap, crappy widebody rkts. But rather than porsche, i see other car brands more like a light, cheap tennis rkt. I see porsche differently. Reliable, well made, very good performance, durable, enjoyable. At least that is what i think of the porsches i know from the eighties through 2009. I have not driven any newer porsches. Well, one, but that was not a spirited drive...just a night commute.

Funny, i see tesla more like a light, quick, tinny racquet. With the look of a washing machine.
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who the **** cares about JJ?
who ever has 11 ****ing bathrooms should experience life in Africa where there is no water.