Jenn Brady Racquet and Strings


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So Jen Brady is playing some pretty inspired tennis as of late. In the last tournament that she played she has really shown me some improvement, especially on her ground strokes and defense. So let’s take a little bit of a closer lookAt the equipment she is really using.
So from what I know she is using a retail Pure Aero. standard.
I’d love to find out from you guys the actual weight and balance I’ll try to find it out myself as well and report back.
Strings I think well I know she’s using Solinco hyper G. From what I remember the 17 gauge but I could be off on that so I’ll come back with more than that. Anyway my TT brothers come back with everything you know about what she is using we all appreciate it. Thanks in advance


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So do we have any more info on what her racquet specs are. String gage amd tension. ?? We know it’s hyper g. But what gage and tension ?


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Hyper G for sure.
yes,, this is the way of Pac-12 teams these days. Solinco supplies free strings for most of the Pac-12 teams,, and free strings means ton of cost savings for the team. And Solinco isn't a bad string at all evidenced by the fact that players will continue to use them after they turn professional.