Jerzy Janowicz Vs Raonic/Karlovic/Isner - Stark Contrast


Just amazed that how much Jerzy Janowicz is different from Raonic/Karlovic/Isner despite possessing a huge serve.

1. Serve: Funny thing is that Raonic/Karlovic/Isner rely on their serve and if they somehow manage to break, they generally win the set. But even if JJ breaks, you can feel that break is imminent. His serve is streaky and has proved out to be his Achilles heel at various moments.

2. Movement: Just saw his 2012 matches and Goffin match yesterday. If you execute a drop shot against Rao/Kar/Isn, more often than not, they won't even reach within a meter of ball. JJ can slideand he actually runs down every ball. There were some brilliant dropshots from Goffin yesterday and JJ was able to reach to the ball by sliding and stretching. Given his gigantic structure, I wonder how does he do that. :shock:

3. Variety: JJ mixes well with drop shots and net play. He has the ability to win neutral rallies. The other 3 have troubles when a rally goes to neutral (Raonic to a lesser extent).

I believe that JJ's serve is the reason for his poor performance. He is a huge server but not a servebot. His ground game is solid but if he can improve his serve, he could prove lethal for any opponent (even the heavyweights). I wonder what his serve stats are in 2014.