JET stringing method with dropweight machine users -question.

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    May 3, 2006

    If I understand it right, more important thing about this method than setting tension differencies (between last few mains and crosses etc).. is: pull very slowly and clamp main string after 5-10 sec and crosses after 20 sec of tensioning, "let it has sufficient time to properly stretch".

    But I have discovered, that bar with weight is moving very slowly and very little even 30 or more sec ( depends on string elasticity) after you set it to horizontal position ( so it is stretching and stabilizing much more time than suggested 5 sec) , so I tried to string it this way:

    Left mains 30 sec and crosses 45-60 sec ( while I weave next cross string) to stabilize before clamping, but I am not perfectly satisfied with results.

    I was also very surprised with result using very soft poly ( Genesis Black Magic) on 21/20kg. Stringbed was very, very stiff, feel mushy and with very low power.

    Soft polys arent very suitable for this method, or is it because of my longer waiting time?

    How long do you wait?

    Can you recommend me some suitable polys for low tensions and JET method?

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    You're waiting too long. The idea is to wait long enough to get rid of the easy stretching, but NOT all the playability of the string. The longer you wait, the tighter feeling of a string bed you'll end up with. If you learn how to do this right, you'll get to the point where you're leaving about an inch or so of horizontal drop to a perfect 3 o'clock position for the weight by the time it's done stretching out. Then you clamp and repeat. It takes practice.

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