Jimmy Connors - ATP HALLE 1995 (Age 42)

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    Quite incredible for a semi retired 42 year old to make the quarters of an ATP event. Marc Rosset put him out at the quarter final stage. Connors' last wins of his career came at this tournament. In July of 1995 he played the Los Angeles ATP tournament but lost Cristiano Caratti 4-6 4-6. Connors returned to the ATP tour for one last tournament in May of 1996 in Atlanta and lost to Richie Reneberg 2-6 6-3 1-6.

    I think Federer could pull this off but that is 5 years into the future.
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    Nov 30, 2012
    Actually it's 6 years in the future - Federer turns 37 this year, Connors turned 43 that year.

    A remarkable run for such a veteran.
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    I was actually surprised he did not play more ATP events at the time... he was killing it on the Seniors tour. Some felt that was because he still played some ATP events that kept him sharper than the others. On a given day, he was still dangerous to the younger guys, no question.

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