Jimmy Connors' Prince Mono

Jimmy Connors Prince Mono

Im trying to locate anyone that might have-or know someone that might have a Prince Mono that was actually used by Connors.---I have seen on this board that they play totally different than the retail version----Im trying to get the specs on it---(weight--Balance ect).


You might contact Howie at XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, though he is sometimes perceived as gruff I believe he has the Experimental Mono listed on his site which is, in theory, closer to the actual specs used by Connors. He will probably know more, but be prepared for an interesting conversation. May be best to converse via email? Good luck! If you do secure more info. please post as others may be interested as well.
Heres what I got at Tennis ******--The RA (stiffness) of the Mono is 68, while the Experimental reads 66,
(possibly because it is strung). The unstrung Mono weighs 319gm,
while the strung Experimental weighs 328gm. The balance of the
unstrung Mono is 1 1/2" HL, While the balance of the strung
Experimental is 1 3/8"HL, slightly less headlight due to the string weight.

Ive been trying to contact v0nz0rz from this message board--he posted on this thread--http://tt.tennis-warehouse.com/showthread.php?t=44849&highlight=Mono-------

heres the qoute- "The pro at my club has a bunch of the Monos that Prince made for Connors from the man himself. I had a chance to hit with them for about a week and they feel much better than the retail version of the frame. These ones were all black and said Experimental on the throat beam. Perhaps this was the first time that Prince put that on their proto racquets? Based on the feel, I think the inside of these frames were foamed and they had a 4 1/2 leather grip. They weren't that much heavier than the stock frame, although the balance was slightly more even. I was able to hit the best kick serves I've ever hit with this racquet. It's great for S&V.

Sounds different to me than the info I got from Tennis******


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I gotta step in and give Howard his due; he delivers "the goods" what he says he has and the condtion is on the money !!!!!!!
I spoke with Howard on the phone--he had me send my email address and he sent me the specs on the experimental racket he had--he was very helpful---Im just saying it sounds like a different racket than the one that the pro from the previously listed post possibly has...anybody?
just something to bear in mind although I dont know if it applies to the Mono it certainly did to Connors old T2000. He was in the habit of applying lead to the head of the racquet (the outside) totally dependent on how he was feeling on the day. Feeling good and strong he'd lead it up. Feeling a bit tired etc and he'd strip off almost all of the lead. It was an idea he got from Gonzalez and one he felt made the racquets more playable and versatile-regulation standard weight and then just going on 'feel'.

So, if he carried that habit over to his Mono days then you might find that v0nz0rz is right when he said the ones he saw didnt feel much different to standard weight and it might make it a touch harder to pin-point an exact weight and balance that he used.

Of course, given his age when he took up the Mono he might have changed that habit but thought it'd be useful for you to know regardless.
hanx---I emailed with Bob Patterson of Racketmaxx---heres what he said----
"Thanks for your inquiry. The last time we strung for Mr. Connors, was probably in 1998 or 99. He was playing with the mono. We didn't do any work other than restrings for him ( about 10-12 racquets) so I don't have any specs recorded. I do remember that the racquet was much heavier than stock and had a leather grip installed to his specs. The weight was distributed in both the handle and head.

Bob Patterson

So I definitely think he was using something much heavier...


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when Connors used the T-2000 he used a 4 5/8 grip and they came from the wilson factory lighter than the one sold to public he like Andrew said applied lead . I've seen him (Connors) play on the Sen. Tour and he used fairway grips.
I think that you might be refering to my post when I talked about my experience with one of Jimmy's personal Prince Mono racquets. Just to recap what I said earlier, Jimmy's Mono swung the same way that the retail Mono did - swingweight, balance, static weight, etc. but JC's frame felt much more solid, almost like the inside was foamed. I'm not suggesting that it was foamed, however that's what it felt like to me. Concerning Jimmy's grip, he used a rather round 4 1/2 with a Prince calfskin base grip. I'm not sure what overgrip he uses because I put my own on when my pro let me hit with it. The head pro at my club apparently was semi-friendly with Connors "back in the day" and Jimmy gave him 3-4 racquets when they were hitting together at a tournament. I almost forgot, Jimmy's racquets were painted glossy-black with the word "Experimental" on the side ala the proto diablos and graphites that were on the tour a few years back. If you happen to come across one of the black monos in a 4 1/2 grip size, you can bet that it was either made for Jimmy or he personally played for it, because he was the only pro, accoring to my coach, that Prince did that paint job for.
vonzorz----i would really like to get the specs on that racket from the head pro----can I email you or you email me?---id love to speak with the Pro about those rackets--


I recently acquired an Experimental Mono, and it has a 4 5/8 grip size. It is different from my three other regular monos, in that the little weight inside the handle is in hardened silicon. The regular monos had a loose weight because the silicon melted into ooze. I had to get the three regular ones modified to glue the weight into place. I do feel my experimental feels different in action, but I think it’s only because its grip is larger than my 4 3/8 ones.

I would still like to know if Connors leaded his mono up... also it’s still a controversy about what kind of grip he used. I heard anything from western to continental... it looks eastern to me, yet he always insisted it was continental.
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