John Isner likes his coconut water

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    May 11, 2010
    I still can't get over how extraodinary that match with Mahut was....

    Isner Puts His Feet Up as Mahut Hits Grass Again. A Chat with the Tall One.


    John Isner took in some R&R this past weekend hitting the Jeremiah Weed Backyard at Daytona's midfield. He relaxed and played ping pong with driver Matt Kenseth before going to work Monday at his John Isner Tennis Camp in Athens Georgia.

    Meanwhile Nicholas Mahut checked in at Newport's International Tennis Hall of Fame where he donated his shirt, shorts and one signed sneaker from "The Match" to the museum and began his pursuit of the Van Alen Cup. Back to the grind.
    Isner had a little time for questions.

    What kept you going physically during your marathon match?

    Over the past year I worked really hard off-court on my strength and endurance. I spent a lot of time in the weight room and on field wearing cleats doing sprints, suicides and more to keep my cardiovascular up. I also swam once a week. I don't think I would have performed as well if I hadn't done all that.

    Any secrets to what you eat or drink for fuel?

    I eat a lot. I'm not stuffing down Big Macs or anything like that; I eat healthy foods - a lot of them. I like pasta but try to keep a good combination of carbs and protein to fuel my big body ( 6' 9", 245 lbs). For hydration I drink coconut water prior to a match and on court. It's loaded with potassium and electrolytes which help keep me from cramping no matter how much I'm sweating.

    What's your on court style?

    Well I wear Nike and have for eight years. They did our team uniforms at the University of Georgia and so it was a natural transition when I went pro. They have the best stuff out there; the Dri-Fit is great.

    Do you choose what you wear in tournaments?

    Nike gives me a new batch of clothes about five times a year. I don't have much of a say in it but I like what they give me.

    How much do you hang and play with tennis friends who are the competition?

    Mardy Fish and James Blake live nearby in Tampa. It's good to have friends who are also players. We motivate each other. No one wants to fall behind.

    Did you compete in tennis as a teen?

    Yeah, I grew up in North Carolina and did tournaments in the state and the section. Lots of driving.

    Are you going to donate anything from the big match to the Hall of Fame yourself?

    I'm not sure of my plans yet.

    Give him time..he's chillin and still enjoying his win.

    Isner plays with the Prince O3 white racquet.
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    That is one BIG man! Didn't realize he was that tall. Coconut water makes me sweat like a maniac, it is also supposed to be a laxative, not good, if u have to spend 8-9 hours away from the bathroom!

    Kinda kool that Mahut donated his stuff. Nice guy, he was such a sport about taking pics even after he lost.
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    Jun 30, 2007
    epic match. mahut lost second round kind of a bummer
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    Coconut water. Good for constipation.

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