John McEnroe - Jublia?


Is this the best he can get, a TV ad for a toenail fungus remedy, Jublia? Really? Talk about bottom of the bucket!


Terrible problem for tennis players, what with the toes banging into the front of the shoe constantly and those miserable foul socks! Courageous of Mac to do this! And he couldn't get the Lincoln gig after McConnaughey grabbed that.


It is sort of amazing that McEnroe is still famous enough to get any sort of TV ad.

I'd guess that in the US, McEnroe and Agassi are better known among the non-tennis playing public than Sampras or Lendl. Among the 'yutes' McEnroe is probably famous primarily for yelling "you can't be serious!" and appearing in Adam Sandler movies.


That commercial doesn't make any sense. The foot with toenail fungus represents Jublia.... big toe with fungus on the nail. So Jublia is admitting their product doesn't work?

What footwork! See your doctor to see is Jublia is right for you.


Bionic Poster
A fungus pitching for an anti-fungal topical? Why not!

I only wish he would rub it on his nose when he kisses up to the next GOAT of the game.