Johnny Mac The Drama Queen


I've been watching the 2 Wimbledon finals on DVD, 1980 & 1981. Two things strike me. One; he is an increadble drama queen. When he goes down he stays down for a few seconds, then slowly and haltingly gets up, brushes himself off. He takes a minute to gather himself and then gets on with the play. When Borg hits a winner or a call goes against him he has such a pouty, pained look on his face, it makes me think he's going to go crying to his mother (who is in the stands with daddy in '81).
Don't missunderstand me, the talent is incredible. For both Borg & Mac. How they do what they do with those wood racquets is amazing.
The other thing is Mac is so fidgety. This isn't a new thought. I've always noticed he is constantly picking at his shirt, his shorts, his face or his hair. He got even more fidgety later in his career. Sometime it's difficult to watch all the little movements.

big ted

Hall of Fame
i agree with both of your things. if he hits a first serve in the net he acts like somebody shot his dog or something