Joma Apparel


Will be putting an order through for some new tennis apparel. Shorts and tops.

Would like to know about Joma apparel. Is it cheap for a reason ? Will it last ? I really like the basic, yet stylish look of the tops. How do they wear ? I am 185cm, 85 kilos (will get to 80 kg soon). Medium or large ?


I can say only about Joma football apparel. It's a lightweight and good quality. Some football players considere it's quality as one of the best. So i also think to get me some tennis stuff, i think you need L size. Do you want to order from TW?


My Joma tennis stuff has a slimmer fit but not to the point where I had to size up and I'm an average sized guy. The fit isn't NEARLY as snug as Lotto, for example. The quality and design are solid and on par with Adidas, Nike, etc.


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I'm a muscular 6'1, 185 with a 31 inch waist. I'm wearing Joma shirts in Medium. They are snug, but fit true to size (I don't like baggy tennis shirts). I'd say depending upon your shape, medium.