JOOLA Gen 3 Paddle Review

Really intriguing!

Can any of the TP play testers give us a contrast from ANY of the Joola Gen3s to those of any other manufacturers? That would be helpful.

- Dink
If I were to compare the Gen 3 paddles to other manufacturers I would say they hit with similar power you'll find on the gearbox pro paddles (though I think gearbox hits harder) but with control like the 6.0 DBD. Overall playability wise the most similar I would say was to my Head Radical Raw. The Head paddle I find all around ease of use no matter when I'm trying to get power or shortening my stroke for control. I do think the Gen 3 paddles do it better than Head, but like I mentioned in the video I just don't think it was so much so that it merited the price increase. Other notables I might compare them to: CRBN 3X though Gen 3 has better maneuverability IMO. Volair Mach 1 Forza came to mind when I was hitting with the Hyperion as both felt like I had fast hands but Hyperion gave a bit more umph and noticeably more spin. And with the Magnus shape I would say it reminded me of the old Electrum Model E with the way it swung.

Hope this helps!
William -TP


If I go to the TW Alpharetta store would I be able to handpick a Gen 3 paddle according to surface texture? I want the roughest available. Reviews have been reporting the roughness is inconsistent, sometimes with one side smoother than the other. The last paddle I purchased was from a manufacturer booth at the MLP event and out of the dozens of paddles he had on site, the roughness varied widely.


Now that these paddles are banned, are customers going to get a refund? The club where I play at received a big shipment of the paddles three weeks ago and told us we could demo them soon but now they are nowhere to be seen.

TW Staff

According to a statement issued by Joola they are working to get this issue resolved and have the Gen 3 paddles added back to the approved list. It is apparently an administrative error and not due to the materials/performance of the paddles. If you purchased one of these paddles from us and would like to return or exchange it please give us a call.
which one is that special carbon fiber paddle that makes you serve 150 mph ?
I'm not surprised there's drama in the pickleball world with gen 3 paddles. As I mentioned in the review, the first time I hit with these paddles it was shocking. Disregarding their approval rating I still believe the paddles we had to test were great all around paddles with tons of power. I don't think they had more power than gearbox's power pro though and I'm curious to see how that plays out this summer.


I demoed 4 of the new gearbox paddles and didn't notice much more power but on the last day it started to get more pop. Earlier I tried another player's well used gearbox and it had very noticeable power and pop. I think that is the issue with these Gen 3 paddles is after the break in period they get more powerful, and possibly too powerful. The scam the manufactures are playing is brand new paddles will pass the test and well used ones won't. Gen 3 Joolas are reported to have the face separate from the core creating more trampoline and Gearbox won't separate so maybe they won't get banned.