Juan carlos ferrero ever to be top ten again?


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i really would like to see ferrero back in the top ten ive seen matches when he was at the top of the game he has a huge game(espeally his forehand a work of art)


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Yep, he should be able to do it. He's not very far away from it now, and with the clay season coming where he can gain a lot of points, I'd not be surprised to see him well inside the top ten after Roland Garros.



I think he'll do it. He's not miles away now - at no15.
Unfortunately he'll have trouble doing well in Miami, because he'll face Federer if he wins two (difficult) matches. He should beat Tursunov and then possibly Andreev at a push. He just needs a bit of luck with a draw. The clay-court season is coming up, why not?


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too mentally weak and no transition game = no top 5

top 10? possible considering how mentally weak and inconsistent the rest of the field is.


Why not?
If he can pull himself completely together by the end of the clay season, he is even capable of making the top 5 again.
I think a 100% Ferrero is capable of beating any player in the top 10 besides Federer and Nadal. People are forgetting how good he played during 2002-2003. He has a very explosive game even on hardcourts and his footwork and forehand are second to Federer.


god damn i miss juan carlos fererro ... i hope he comes back to dominate the ATP again..!!


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I seriously hope that he'll crack into the top 10 again. Hopefully, he'll start playing well during the clay-court season.

Always supporting you, Juan carlos!