Juan Carlos Ferrero: "Working with Zverev wasn't easy, but it’s very easy to work with Alcaraz"


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JC Ferrero on Zverev:
"Working with Sascha that wasn’t that easy for me, it’s not the same culture, he understands a little bit differently (the meaning of) being professional. I needed to refresh a little bit and work with someone that was a little bit the same character as me and wanted the same things for the future and in Carlos I think I found it."

JC Ferrero on Alcaraz:
"He’s my second player as a coach and I think I keep learning from him and he’s learning from me. We’re both together growing up at the same time. He’s a very nice guy and it’s very easy to work with him."

Zverev definitely gives off stubborn capricious vibes. I think he'd be more argumentative, kind of 'I know what you said, but I also know better for myself' type, whereas Carlitos seems to view Ferrero maybe a bit like a father figure and, well-said above about him wanting and being ready to absorb everything like a sponge. Also its clear that Zverev is mentally much less stable than Carlos, and that isn't easy to deal with in general.