Juan Martin del Potro set to miss Australian Open


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What?!! Can't believe I just found this out three days after the fact. Well that's just great, the ONE thing I was looking forward to at the beginning of next year. Guess I'll be skipping the first slam for the most part.


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I wish they would push the open back at least one week. Give the players 3 weeks of warm-up tournaments, at least.. if not 4.
And although the Aus Open is one of the most colorful, fun, exciting slam (for those of us in -0 wind chilled regions) they do call it the happy slam.. but as a player I'd want more time to get ranking points before a slam. And after the Australian there is a very big gap before we see most of the top players in California. But this is just my opinion.


he should play, its easier and better to tick off whatever tournament he planned to play after australia than miss australia just to have a few weeks more and play two 250 tournaments, if he plays the aussie he will have 4-5 weeks before indian wells, and who knows? last hardcourt slam he reach the quarters and lost to the eventual champion


I can't see how "fitness" is the issue here. I'm sure rest and recovery is much more the issue. Nonetheless, I think all of us saw this coming and knew it was a matter of time. His 2016 was spent going deeper and deeper into several tournaments and this has placed more and more stress on his wrist. For all we know, he might have had to had an outpatient procedure on his wrist which requires additional time to fully heal.

I do hope that his doctors are able to figure out a way for him to keep playing and improve his form/level. He's such a great foil to the currently dominating grinding styles of tennis.


Sad...physical fitness issues and injuries never seem to escape him. I just hope he will not fall for the caprice of playing with injury again. I respect his pragmatic decision to train his body to be fit and injury free for a calendar year.