Junior in High School Coming Back after Knee Surgery

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    Hey guys

    I'm a junior in high school. I had to get knee surgery about 6 months ago, and I couldn't do any running until just a few weeks ago. I'm still healing, but I can now run (I ran 3 miles yesterday), and I've been getting my movement back on the court. I can't do heavy sprints yet, but I've gotten to the point where I can take all the steps I need, and chase down some balls, though I'm still a bit slow.

    On the plus side, I'm playing the best tennis I've ever played in my life, which is weird, seeing as how I haven't been playing for 6 months. But yeah, my strokes and serves and volleys are doing really well right now.

    Right now, I'm a solid 4.0, I think. Maybe if I had my movement back, I would be a weak 4.5. Or then again, I may be inflating my ntrp a bit. So my assessment of myself probably isn't too great. Maybe I'll get a video up of myself when I can borrow my Mom's camera.

    I really want to play college tennis. I don't expect to be playing Stanford singles 1 lol, but it would be great to play DIII tennis or maybe even DII tennis. Club tennis at great schools like UCLA would also be a ton of fun. I would love to get that chance, especially since the players there are very good.

    Anyways, right now, I don't have a USTA ranking, though I have some tournament experience. So I think I have a semester of Junior year, a summer, and senior to really work hard and try to get a decent ranking. Would you guys say that this is enough time to get up the rankings? And how heavily do colleges rely on rankings? Are there many cases when players don't have stellar rankings because they didn't play that many tournaments, but they look really good in their videos and so they are chosen?

    And I'm a really academics oriented guy. I would definitely pick a school to match my academics, rather than bend over backwards to find a tennis program that I could play in. And I'm really ambitious when it comes to my studies, and my top goals would be an Ivy League university. Would their club/intramural teams be intense and filled with good players? Because I would really love to play against awesome players.

    On a side note, I've also been looking at really great schools like Vassar that have DIII tennis teams, and that would be great as well.

    Anyways, thanks a lot, and I hope you guys can answer my questions! :)
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