junior size vs adult size


my friend wears size 7, can he buy a junior barricade IV? and pay half of what he would pay for the adult size 7. if there a difference in the shoe itself or the sizing?


i found on another website that size 7 only weighs 10.6 oz. i wonder if it is just a smaller shoes, so i called tw customer service and they said it is the same shoes.


US men size 5 = US women size 6
US men size 5 APPROXIMATELY = US junior size 4

Butta... men size 7 should be adult size, no doubt.
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He won't be able to get jnr barricades in his size, as adidas stop making them at UK size 6 I believe (equivalent to 7 in the US). Also, they aren't the same as the adult barricades, the adult version is of a much higher quality.