Jurgen Melzer- up and comer?


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I am starting to enjoy watching that kid play. I have several of his matches on tape. Seems to have a pretty good all round game.

Interested in anyone else's thoughts.


He can do anything just aslong as he doesn't beat team GB in the Davis Cup!!!

Then i'll be happy



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Sorry Liam,
I think that GB is in big trouble against Austria. JM has beaten Tim on hard courts, so clay in Vienna should be no problem. He has already beat innocent candian-doper on clay (St. P, Aus). Stefan Koubek should also have a good chance to contribute.

I think it will be interesting though. Hope it is on TTC.


I saw Melzer play last year at Newport on grass where he was seeded 8th. Dispatched his first round opponent quickly that day, and ended up reaching both the singles and doubles final. Hes got game, he needs the experience now

Max G.

His serve isn't that great, don't think - but the lefty spin makes it competent. He's got a very all-around game, nice touch. He'll give GB a heck of a match.

Top 30 - maybe, if he's consistent. Consistency is the key, he definitely has potential.


Melzer has a decent all-around game. He is comfortable at the baseline, and he moves forward very well and has competent volleys. Melzer seems to be a hard worker, trying to do his best.
His biggest problem, is that he doesn't have a real weapon to threaten any of the top players on the ATP tour. In other words, if he plays somebody that has a big serve, or a huge forehand, or any other consistent go-to weapon, Melzer can't win unless that player is missing his shots.

Unfortunately, most guys, outside of Michael Chang and Lleyton Hewitt, just can't earn a position at the highest level of men's tennis without a weapon. They may have a good upset victory here and there, but consistently winning by hoping that the player across the net is having an off day, is a very tough way to make it to the top of the game, and history proves that very few have ever done it.


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Yes, he may lose to old LH, but he still managed to improve on last years result. And keep in mind, Ivo Karlovic probably booked a flight in prep for his match with LH. Point- Gotta play the match.

Thanks for the input. See ya around