Just asking for some friendly feedback!


I have a few tennis apparel graphic ideas that I'm working on at the moment and I was wondering what you guys at TW thought of what I have so far. Sorry I don't have pictures yet, but all I have are hand drawn sketches and I'm no artist lol.

Good Day/Bad Day Graphic:

A silhouette of a fist pumping tennis player on the front with a vertical scroll reading "Good Day" from bottom to top and it will include a "C'MON" or "Let's Go!" caption under the solid colored silhouette. On the back I'm going to toss on Good ol' McEnroe's famous line, "You CANNOT be serious!" as the caption with a silhouette of a player doing Roddick's super exaggerated shoulder shrug with the racket falling out of his hand or a head hanging mentally defeated player silhouette. I might try to fit both good and bad days on the front and just do a small logo or group name of mine at the top, but I have a requirement that all my graphics must be legible from decent distance while being as concise as possible and I'm not sure squishing both ideas onto the front of a shirt will help me reach those requirements.

Some other roundabout ideas:

Serving Graphic:
Small Trophy Pose silhouette with some nice bold words that will read,"Serving humanity, one ace at a time"

Forehand/Backhand Graphic:
Just a simple "<(----Forehand | Backand----)>" Graphic. I will add more, but I'm not sure what and where yet.

Weapon Graphic:
Also very simple, It will incorporate a tennis racket icon in a square and will have "weapon of choice' written somewhere.

Even thinking about doing a line for Extended Length users: These graphics will Include "Xtended Length Racket User's Club" somewhere on them, because everyone likes to be in a club lol.
"Mine's Longer longer than yours ;D" Emoticon included.
"Sometimes 27 Inches isn't enough" or "Sometimes standard just isn't enough"

I'm still working on more concepts and layouts, but I'll take any ideas(giving full artistic credit to whomever may contribute) you guys may have. As well as constructive criticism =D

Thanks TW you guys are the best. I was also working on a ducktape 6 racket tennis bag concept lol. Though, I don't think i'm going to follow through with it.