Just came back from Sampras vs Monfis exhibition match at SAP Open

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    I was just a few rows behind base line and got to watch both players up close.
    Pete appeared slimmer in person compared to recent pictures / videos. He played great, but his service wasn't at his usual best. He missed too many first serves. He executed some great drop volleys, but Monfils ran down most of them and finished with winners. Monfils played well and was very entertaining.

    The best part of the exhibition was when Pete went back and sat in base line ref's chair after a long rally. In response to that Monfils did some push-ups, sprinted from base line to service line couple of times, and then finished with some crunches. He was really enjoying himself. He cracked more aces than Pete and the fastest one was clocked at 135 mph. Monfils successfully executed one tweener but missed the next one.

    In the post match on-court interview Monfils said it was a dream come true to play against Pete and he consciously tried to play well. Pete said he was only trying to not embarrass himself competing against a top 20 guy like Monfils. The interviewer then talked about upcoming exhibition match against AA in MSG and invited Pete to start the smack talk. Pete responded by saying that he loves to kick AA's *** every time they play. He also said that Mcenroe is playing Lendl and that is going to be ugly. :)

    Overall it was very good experience.


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