just got a pair of Reebok Figjams

roddick wore them late 02-04 before switching to the match day pumps they should get here within the next couple of days. haha ive had all the shoes hes worn except these ill let everyone know how they feel


heard they were heavy and got hot after a short while.

they had those 3 silver mesh slits in the front for show because it was styled after the H2... great styling cue reebok fail.


I used those a few years ago. They had good cushioning and had that low to the ground sort of a feeling. They were a little on the heavy side, but didnt notice after a few weeks of wearing, and the durability of the sole wasn't the best I've experienced, but other than that no complaints. I never noticed them getting hot or anything and I played in them on some really hot days.

They were good, but not great shoes. I woudn't buy them again, since I have used a few shoes before and since that were much better in my mind, but I have no regrets using them for the 6 months or so I had them. They looked pretty cool too.

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just got em today and to the dude that said they are heavy you are right on man they almost rival the Match Day Pump. The comfort is awesome and they offer a low to the ground feel much like the Propulse. I love the styling of them and for me being a fan of Andy as big as I am they are a cool keepsake to have.