Just letting everyone know now...

He might still win it. Medvedev is a completely down to earth guy, trust me even though he must have planned every step for his 1st slam, he would not have actually expected himself to end up doing it.
It will take some time for him to get back in the right mindset. Contrary to popular TTW belief almost no new slam winner won two slams in a row.
Thiem won't be at his best by then, Stefanos is useless on HC with that ROS.So it might be just Zverev who can and will pose a challenge.

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Why create a thread for this. Most of the djok fans know this. Anything he won from Wimbledon 2018 is a bonus in itself. I’m thankful as a fan that he has won this many. No complaints from me as a fan!


I’d say zverev is the biggest threat for AO. Medvedev will have a slight let off not as big as thiem but still (no one wins the next slam after their first slam). If thiem comes back he can, but now zverev is the biggest threat if he gets over his inner demons and now that medvedev has beaten Novak, maybe the invincibility is broken. But, it’s still foolish to write Novak off at AO.
I don’t have faith in tstsipas game on hard courts

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Zverev probably gained some valuable self-belief at the USO, but I don't get the "he's the biggest threat" meme. He's still 0-Career against the top 10. Gonna have to break that cherry before I believe he's a threat, let alone the biggest threat.


Basically I don’t believe there are any real contenders outside Medvedev, Djokovic, and (maybe?) Zverev.

Tsits, Busta, Berrettini, Hurkacz, Shapo might trouble Djokovic a little and take a set or two but I don’t see him losing to them under any circumstances barring injury.

Nadal and Thiem are either going to skip it or be very out of form. Don’t see any way they are legit contenders, they’ll be looking to peak for the clay season. Will have to revisit this but I don’t think either plays until 2022.

So if there are only 3 real contenders at this point, where Zverev lands is the deciding factor.

if Zverev is on Djokovic’s side like the USO I like Medvedev’s chances. If Zverev is on Medvedev’s side though I like Djokovic’s chances. Simple as that.


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if Zverev is on Djokovic’s side like the USO I like Medvedev’s chances. If Zverev is on Medvedev’s side though I like Djokovic’s chances. Simple as that.
Bang on. I think Djokovic deserves a pass this time around ;). So Zverev - Medvedev semis it is...


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I'm far from being a Djokovic fan but the guy is amazing. He wins every major this year except the US Open where he still reached the final and now he's being written off?

He has a lot more tennis in him and Melbourne Park is like his second home. We have a big Aussie-Serb community in Melbourne that always gives him a lift there too. It's hard to see him not continuing his run.


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Honestly, I wish I could share your optimism bro. I'll reserve my judgement until the second week of the AO at the very least (unless something drastic happens and he pulls out or loses first week)
Don't understand the bullzillions getting riled up over the notion that Djokovic is the favourite for the AO.:oops: If not Djokovic then who is the biggest favourite down under!? Nadal!?


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It would be the ultimate troll if Rafa somehow wins more slams than Novak next year.

But i still would like Novak to achieve 10 titles at a slam, like Rafa already did.


Djokovic was bailing out i long rallies v Mededev. His biggest weapon was his wall like play but as he gets older that is a hard style to maintain.
Meawhile younger players continue to improve. It is very hard to see him making a 6th Major final in a row.
It looks most likely a year later than thought that Nadal wins the Slam Race in Paris. Unless Tsitsipas steps up but he just seems mentally so weak. Thiem will be step slower now. Djokovic will never beat Nadal on clay unless Nadal is injured. Sinner and Alcaraz have the games but may be a year too early. Zverev over 5 sets v Nadal on clay may struggle and medvedev is mug on clay.
all of the above are better on hard court and that spells problems for Djokovic and why UsO 2021 may haunt him for a long time.


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Djokovic never lost after reaching the SF. He is a lock there, more so than Nadal at RG these days.


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It’s funny that among all the young players, there is only one who can be a threat. The situation is better than a few months ago, when there was none, but still. I don’t expect Medvedev to start winning everything, but I predict at least one slam for him in 2022. Ultimately, we might probably end up with a photocopy of 2021 with Djokovic winning three and Medvedev one.


This is more likely than Novak winning AO. Even more likely is that Med wins AO and Rafa returns to grab FO. This will put even more pressure on Djok at W.
Djokovic is finished winning slams. His aura after Tokyo and NY with Next Gen will have gone. It is not the actual losses. It is the manner of them. 9 out of 10 games v Zverev and a capitulation v Mededev will be problematic for him.
Nadal has one more shot at FO next year. Roland Garros will decide 21-20-20 or 20-20-20.