Just played with my "new" version POG vs. my 4 stripe and...

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by guitarplayer, Jun 15, 2008.

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    I was concerned that it was not as headlight and would be hard to control. This also made the swingweight just a bit heavier. Well, ..............................I freakin' loved it! Mainly the difference was noticable with my backhand. I was much more solid and I was able to nail backhand dtl shots at will. Perhaps I just needed a little more weight in the head? Went back to my 4 stripe for a while and mainly my backhand suffered.

    I love how the POG is kind of a point and shoot type of frame. I don't need a big looping hard spinning forehand motion as I do with my other frames, which over time, wears you out. The weight and solidness of this frame allows the racquet to do most of the work vs. lighter frames. Shorten the backswing, aim, fire! The ball has a heavy weight to it, goes in, you smile, you win. Humn, now I need to dump my 4 stripers and get more of the newer version! It's always something.
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    May 27, 2008
    4 strippers

    I will gladly take them off your hands. Email me if you're interested. sicamuni@yahoo.com
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    Just make sure you keep your 4-stripers through the new version grace period. It would be a shame if down the road you want to go back and your 4-stripers are gone.

    Racquet changes happen in phases and the first phase is always unmitigated joy and excitement about the new frame. Inevitably there will be a time when you don't play well with the new frame and there will be doubt. If you get through that phase and get excited again, then you know you have a keeper.

    I really like the current POG OS, but have never played with the earlier versions. The extra weight and less headlight balance is great for ripping groundstrokes, especially 2HBH, as you pointed out. And, I agree, It's not tailored for long, loopy strokes. You'll get tired real fast. Shorten tour strokes and let the weight do the work.

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