just say no to the bootie


Well, for my money–

It's gone to far.

As I write this, how many top-line shoes have a REGULAR PADDED FREE MOVING TONGUE.

I will go first (I may be wrong; some photos are unclear, but it's a short list.)

NB 806
HEAD Revolt Pro 3.5
LOTTO Mirage 100
FILA Axilus 2
Prince T-series


After that, I'm out of options <smh>.

Example: I loved the Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 but the 2021 update fixed the ventilation and farked the tongue (now semi-bootie).

Or are our feet just wrong, and I need to "get it" that "you don't need a padded tongue" and "it's better for you, just trust us."

What sayteh my fellow foot-abusers?


hey, we know tennis kills feet ... that's why the shoo is so important.


i consider bootie construction and connected/one piece tongue two different things...i've seen connected tongues with a relatively low/non-bootie ankle collar.

between bootie and non-bootie, i don't have a preference. between connected tongue and traditional 3 piece tongue, i prefer 3 piece, though, to be fair I've only ever tried one connected tongue shoe....the tongue wrinkled and wouldn't stay straight on me (can't pull it taut like you can a loose tongue), and i felt that wrinkle with every movement, so it was a no go for me. but could have just been foot shape incompatibility with that particular model.

there's lots of shoes missing from your list though...safe to say you are wrong : ). like every kswiss shoe (the supreme has the best tongue of any shoe IMO, nice, padded memory foam that you can't feel the laces through, but not unnecessarily heavy and adding weight), a lot of nike shoes, yonex shoes...etc...connected tongues are in the minority actually.

it should be easy enough to tell from TW's photos though. select the top-view photo and hover your cursor over for a magnified view. for example, Asics Court FF 2 is a connected tongue, and KSwiss Supreme is a disconnected tongue, you can tell fairly easily from the photos. You can always live chat and ask to make sure.


When they get the bootie right, it's better. Never felt so secured and locked in as I do in my VC4. They have measurably improved my movement and my game.


Bootie shoes are awesome. Who wants a huge tongue that moves all around and has to be re centered all the time when they can have a shoe with a solid fit that your foot doesn't slip out of.
Word. FF2 for me. Shoes with tongues like that are usually legit.


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Bootie design is the best. Once you get used to them, it is hard to go back to the "tongue". Many times my laces would loosen up but because of bootie, i have no issues completing the rally as i wouldnt even notice ..


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While I don’t have a preference, I would really like for shoes with regular tongues to be well padded. The tongues on the solecourt boost, barricade, gel res 8, and cage 4 were too thin and you can feel the laces dig into your foot.