K Balde vs K95



I was reading the review of the K Blade Tour and then I compared the results of the K Blade with the k95 18x20..

TW says that k Blade Tour is more powerfull than k95 18x20...what do you think?? I never hit with a K Blade Tour but I have a k95 18x20 and I always think that smaller heads have less power...

There're somebody who hit with the two racquets and could compare them as far as power is concerned??



Using similar technique on each stroke and hitting the dead center sweet spot, TW is right, the power level is greater on the Blade Tour. This is mostly due to the fact that the Blade Tour is mildy balanced toward the head to make up for the lesser weight.

With that said, the k95 is stiffer and has a bigger sweet spot which I find is easier to hit with. I do not like the Blade Tour which is a bit light for me and unstable from its small head and flex. But when I do hit the sweet spot with the Tour, there are not many sticks that match up, except for the K90 and K95x.

Most pros I know, do not like the Tours, but each to his own. One fellow pro (another 6.0) swears by them.......