K Six-One Team


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Is this racquet for players who play more tactical/not much power, on touch?
Or is this more a racquet for hard-hitters (not foolish hard hitters).

I try to use some power in my play, can control game with hard FH, + lots of spin in my game.
Allready tested a dozen of racquets during past two months..
I also tested the agassi head :)roll:) and liked this one but i'm not going for it, 14 years old...

Anybody got thoughts on this one and plz has some tips coz I really have problems finding a new racquet..
I used a Dunlop, but this racquet was way too light.. 270 at most..
Thinks I'm like a 4.5-5 lvl in US rankings.



i've hit with the k-six one team. my friend has 4 of them and i've hit with them quite a bit. i liked hitting groundies with them. i found the balance to be even so it plays like a heavier racquet but easier to swing. one of the best racquets i've ever hit with for hitting nasty slice. lots and lots of action on the slice with a lot of bite. some racquets the slice floats a bit. probably because of more mass in the head of the k-six one team. for the same reason i enjoyed hitting one handed backhands because once you make solid contact - the racquet really drove the ball nicely. i still prefer a much more headlight racquet for better topspin but k-six one team is definitely solid. the only part i didn't initially like what hitting forehands with the k-six one team. probably because of the balance but my timing was definitely off. took a good half hour to get used to swinging away on forehands. volleys i found to be solid but not the quickest racquet to maneuver around the net. same with serves - solid and great control. could place it anywhere in the service box i wanted but very average power and very average spin on serves. if i was a mostly baseline player looking for nasty slice backhands and A LOT of comfort on every stroke - this would be a good match. even mishit and off-center hits with this racquet felt great. made for a really comfortable racquet.

if you really are a solid 4.5 or higher player - i don't think this racquet is for you. i'd imagine this racquet is good for a intermediate junior who needs a lighter racquet or an old fogey like me who needs a bit of help with power. just my 2 cents.


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thanks for replying!

I know I 'should' get heavier racquets.. But with the dunlop I could allready overpower my opponents en this one was pretty featherlight..Only thing to do is test some more I guess..



wow. i've heard of that racquet but had to look it up. near as i can tell these are the specs:

Dunlop Revelation Lite 0.50 Ti
+ 0.50 inches in increased length.
Ultra Superlight construction.
25 mm Tapered cross section.
Average Weight Strung 257 gm. (9.1 Oz.).

figure with a relatively widebody, extra long, head heavy, lightweight racquet - you got LOTS of power. no wonder you can overpower your opponents. :)

i'm hardly an expert but i always think racquets like the one you're hitting with keep you from becoming an even better player so you probably should get new ones. my friend's son is 16 and plays junior tournaments. he's sponsored by babolat and plays with the aeropro drive and before that the pure drive line. i'm not a big fan of super stiff racquets but can't argue with the results.

so it looks like you are looking for demo recommendations for a 14 year old who doesn't need more power but looking for more touch/control.


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I'm 21 y old..

I've tested the pure drive and am not really excited about is.
the head felt better.

my list for now;

head MG radical pro
wilson k six-one team

thx for info!


haha. sorry burn-e. i read your original post wrong. i thought you were 14 years old and instead it's the old agassi racquet. lol.

for what it's worth i demoed the microgel radical pro. really comfortable racquet with a ridiculous amount of spin and it had crappy synthetic gut so i can just imagine how it would play with a good poly. i just found it bit too flexy for my liking.

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The Wilson K6.1 Team is a fantastic stick, as is the Head Radical Pro. The Wilson will provide slightly less access to spin due to the dense string pattern.

I disagree with the poster who suggests that the Team would be inappropriate for a 4.5 player. It is a fine stick with good swing weight that can be customized. Neither stick is particularly heavy, making both prime candidates for lead customization.


klatu - i agree that i might've been hasty in dismissing the k-six one team for 4.5+ players. but in it's STOCK form i doubt very many 4.5+ players would be playing with it. you can lead up just about any racquet to play how you want to play but you might as well start with something in the ballpark. to me it's a weird specced racquet. it's below 11 ounces and tight string pattern with an even balance but it's geared for 4.5+ players?

meh. to each his own. figure we got pro's playing with ultra stiff and powerful racquets that years ago would be considered "game improvement" racquets.

i agree to disagree. :)


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It's because I'm used to a ligth stick I tought the 6.1 could be a good one for me.
I'll have to test it better, yesterday played with it while giving lessons.. felt good but isn't the ideal way to test.

Time will tell


k6.1 team is currently my main playing stick
its a great frame, i play with and test most new frames that come out, and keep coming back to this one
in my current config its about 11.5 ounces(shrinkwrap, overgrip, strung, damp, lead tape 10/2 pm)

95" head(perfect size for me), soft, great control, the low weight for a players frame is kinda a drawback vs. really fast/heavy balls, but its that classic dilemna-light frame to get around the ball better and not be late, or heavy frame for more stability/plow-thru......

ps, imo its very stable hitting for its weight, huge improvement over the ncode nps

1 drawback tho- wilson qc is bad, if you are weight sensitive, you're gonna have to play around with lead tape and a scale to get multiple frames consistent feeling


the k 6-1 teams dense string pattern does not realyl hinder spin potential IMO, because it is so easy to generate racket speed with it.