K90 PWS Question


Does anyone know exactly what's the PWS of the K90 is like?

Is the PWS a solid piece of "bulged" graphite material, as in #1?

Or is it "hollow" to the frame shape, as in #2?

See conceptual pic below.

Thanks guys.

Shangri La

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I think someone has cut out PWS of the K88 (??) and it was hollow like #2.

I suspect K90 is the same.


Thanks guys!

So from the cross-section made by PT630, it seems the PWS is another piece of material laying on the frame.

(Any pics of a transverse section?)


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The PWS seems hollow from the pics taken by PT630, but even if it is hollow, it should add some weight to the frame, as the cross section is broader.

Anyway, I think it is mainly a gimmick in that to add weight they should not add any visible parts, they could just do it by using different material density in a straight or box beam.

But I must say I do feel the difference between the classic Wilson racquets with PWS and other brands without it.

Would PWS have any other effects than adding weight. I mean, the strings are slightly shorter around the PWS sections, would that have any effect?