Karatsev signs with Hydrogen





I was honestly expecting Asics or Head for the apparel and shoes. Looks like he's sponsored by Asics for the shoes at least, especially if he's wearing the Court FF3s.


Honestly, I think the outfit he had in the Kecmanovic match was half-decent. It's obviously tough to work around that skull logo if the designers are gonna try to make something classic/elegant, but there's ample proof that Hydrogen can do MUCH worse than what he was wearing. Had his right sleeve been the same as the left one, this outfit would have been downright restrained.

I think there's an art to having something gaudy become classic. Some of those early nineties Nike kits (that they leaned on heavily for the US Open kits from two years ago) are objectively garish, but they're somehow also just right.

Anyway, logo aside, the shorts Karatsev was wearing in his match are pretty decent. I'd dig a navy/white stripes version. Or red with navy or white stripes.


Feli Lopez has had some really nice Hydrogen kits, as long as they don't give him the outlandish stuff he should be fine.

pity Adidas didn't get him for that hardbass energy though


Dang. All that holdout for... skulls. That's a bummer. The umarked, everyman kits were so dope while they lasted.


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Dont understand the 17 reference for Hydrogen?
You'd have to pay me to wear this stuff, too wacky and non traditional. Fred Perry and Don Budge are flinching.


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Glad to see Karatsev wore the best looking kit from Hydrogen. A big thank you to everyone who solidified my opinion of the grossest brand within Tennis.


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I love his kit with the all blue. It just looks really good on tv. I'm so happy for him.
Maybe in 2022, along with a clothing sponsor, he'll also receive a sense of humor.


So far, the Hydrogen clothes look good on Karatsev. Previously, I have not liked Hydrogen's over-the-top fashion. But, things have changed and brands like Hugo Boss and Armani have entered the tennis clothing biz and that seems to have made Hydrogen change its styling focus to a more upscale instead of anti-style look. I hope Hydrogen continues in that direction. It appears that Karatsev will only wear items that have a classy look to them.