kBlade 98 vs. Liquidmetal Radical MP

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by KFwinds, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. KFwinds

    KFwinds Professional

    Mar 2, 2004
    I noticed the specs of these two sticks are ridiculously similar; can anyone comment about how they compare in play? I used to play with the LM Rad, which is why I'm curious.
  2. bertrevert

    bertrevert Hall of Fame

    Feb 22, 2004
    Syd, Oz
    Yeah too true.

    Have been using the LM Rad for many a year. And tend to look at racquets in the same ball park.

    But, to decide on racquets based on their specs alone is not enough. Obviously a demo is pretty imptnt.

    For instance, I have been trying to get used to a Bab Pure Storm 07.

    However no analysis of the specs could have told me how different 16 vs. 18 mains could be, nor how much shock is transmitted up my arm when I have stiff strings in the thing. There are no specs that account for that.

    Sure a stiffness rating is available but I just cannot judge till I have the stiff poly in how it is going to feel.

    The kBlade, seems to have more flex and retains the 18 x 20 stringbed. Again it's that think where the specs seem about right but the only way to tell is to demo.

    Light static weight combined with heavier swingweight tends to be a good thing - you can carryit without tiring, swing it while still firing. A comparison could be on the cards if I can get hold of a demo, certainly an interesting frame.

    I'd just hope for some comfort from it... bone-numbing TE is no fun.
  3. Hansen

    Hansen Rookie

    Jul 22, 2005
    nobody has played with this 2 racquets ?!:-?
  4. bertrevert

    bertrevert Hall of Fame

    Feb 22, 2004
    Syd, Oz
    Ok have demoed the kblade 98.

    Whew that is a whole lot more SW than the Rad. I'm not saying it's heavy, just the SW is heavier. My timing was horrible with it, and any reaction shot, or flick shot just wasn't happening.

    I don't know how to describe it but the kBlade seems to be for... tall players...

    The way it flexes, where it flexes, and the weight in the hoop make it feel long and thin and stringy, it feels like all the action happens way out far from the Rads centre of balance that I am used to.

    I am 5'11" but it feels like you have to be Safin-size to make this tick...

    Heh heh, LOL, I know I cannot really say a racq feels like a "tall player's" racquet but for want of a better phrase I'd say that's how it feels.

    It is beautifully accurate and suited my relatively flat game, but I was not going to be doing windshield wiper FHs with it, nor angular stuff, while serves took a lot of crank.

    Suits classic strokes, 2HBH, big wind ups from the baseline - very good for corner to corner stuff (tried it out on concrete and artificial grass).

    The LM Rad is far more whippy and compact and nimble through the court.

    But the Wilson has a quality feel and oozes class all over. It's deft and responsive and there's great feedback throughout the frame.

    C'mon the LM is years older and hasn't got any following on this forum - which is ridiculous because it is an adequate racquet - so although the specs may match they are chalk and cheese.
  5. astra

    astra Rookie

    Mar 20, 2006
    I tested KBlade 98 one week ago and LM Radical MP approx. 1 year ago, so I have to refresh my memories to the LM Radical.
    As for the KBlade 98, I tested a bunch of racquets - Volkl Tour 10 Gen II MP, V-Engine 10 mid, BB11 special edition, BB10, Dunlop AG 300, KBlade 98, Head Extreme Pro.
    For me KBlade was the best of the bunch. Even if I am not accustomed to light weight racquets (I have never used with a racquet below 340 g), this one has a great mixture of feel, power and control. I played only ground strokes - the racquet was perfect at forehand, I had a little problems at 1HB backhand due to light weight, backhand slice was suprisingly good in spite of light weight.
    Compared to the LM Radical MP: the LM Radical plays similarly, it is more head heavy (what I do not like), feel is not that good as the KBlade 98. It was a surprise for me, the LM Radical seems to be flexier than KBlade 98 what I like, still I prefer the stiffer feel of the KBlade 98.

    Overall: I consider the KBlade 98 a slightly better frame, but it is not worth of the current price difference.

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