KBlade Tour vs N.Code 90


I have the option of getting one of these sticks in a trade. The trade only gets me one racquet out of these 2 so any input on which is better would be greatly appreciated. The only flaws on each racquet are that the N90 has a 4 1/2 grip size and I'm a 3/8, and the KBlade's(If I choose it) opportunity cost is a N90.

A little bit about me: I play with Wilson 90's and Prestige Mids. I prefer a swing weight around 330, but play with Wilson 90's because they are stable enough where the sacrifice of 5 SW points is negligible. Think of any recreational player emulating Federer and where they are on a scale of 1 to 10(10 being Federer), I would consider myself a strong 5 or mediocre/half decent 6.

Based on that, which of these sticks should I get?
Get the N90 if you already play with 90's. You can add a little weight to the top of the hoop and balance it out in the butt cap to bring the swing weight up.

I used the Kblade 93 tour for a while and had a few of them. I was addicted to the serve, volley's and overheads (so amazing). But slice and topspin were almost non-existent when compared to the K90 and even N90. That said, I never tried the KBTour with a thin copoly like MSV focus hex (which I've used for a few years now). That might make a difference.

The N90…is easier to maneuver than the K90, and more muted/dampened. I love the 1HBH with that racquet but everything else I prefer the K90. There is just a little too much flex in the frame for my liking…I like to flatten out the ball at times and you don't have the same precision as a racquet like the K90. Even still, it's a nice stick! Then there is the balance point…the N90 is way more head light than the Kblade 93 tour.
I agree, if you already play with 90's then go for the nCode. I like the Kblade Tour, but the 18x20 pattern in the 93 inch head makes getting enough topspin a little tough sometimes. I like the 16x19 in the n90, plus the feel of it is nice as well.

If grip size is a problem, you could consider using a thin leather grip, as those tend to compress more than other grips, although it does add some weight to the handle and if you try and compensate for it by putting more weight in the head you may end up with a pretty hefty stick.