KBT vs. AG100-Is It String Pattern or Frame Stiffness?


I've just recently switched from KBlade Tour (18x20) to an AG100 (16x19), both strung with full Klip Legend 16g. It seems that I have much better control/aim with the AG100 which seems to have more a more "pocketing" effect, or dwell on the strings.

Is this from the more flexible frame, or the more open string pattern, or maybe both? The main reason I am questioning, is it seems that the more open pattern strings are going to saw through much sooner than my KBT due to lots of string movement.
I'm trying to determine:
(1) If it is the string pattern improving my shots, then I will lean toward experimenting with 15g and or tweaking the tensions of the mains & crosses to improve string life.
(2) If it is the less stiff frame that I'm feeling, I may want to test some more flexible frames with the closed pattern (i.e. AG200 18x20 or similar).

Thank you for any input!
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The more open string pattern will have a friendlier feel IMO. I found this between the AG100 & AG300T...


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are they strung at similar tensions?

IMO the closed string pattern on the kbt and stiffness is quite different from the softer flex and open pattern of the ag100. the softer flex gives you more of the pocketing feel. the bb11 mp is a soft frame with a closed pattern that you might want to try. its much softer than the kbt.


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What a small world - I also made this exact same racket switch just a few weeks ago and have found myself really liking the AG100. I strung my AG100 with Black Code and Gut (M's/X's) and have enjoyed getting back to a 16x19 pattern. I played 18x20 patterns for a while before - (MG Prestige Mid and KBT). I've found the same thing as you - the ball pockets great on the AG100 for whatever reason.


it's both.
and these are the main reasons why i am currently using the AG100.
flexy with open patterns.
lots of spin and control on all shots.

you should try different string set ups(diff gauges and tensions) on the AG100 and see what you like the most.
good luck and have fun with it.


Thank you for those replies.
I think I'll stick with the AG100 then and try a little higher tension to reduce string movement?
Would crosses tensioned higher than mains help? or do I have that backwards?
Has anyone tried 15g full gut? Seems to be fairly uncommon?


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I have been stringing my AG100 with crosses about 4-5 lbs higher than mains - if I don't, I find the mains moving quite a bit. I have been playing with 17g mains and 16g crosses. (black code mains, gut crosses)