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I've done rounds of keto on the past to drop 10 pounds here and there. My tennis cruising weight is around 180. When I hit 190 that's when I know it's time to go on Keto. However, this time around, I've failed to launch twice so far this year. Some event comes up or I give in to temptation at work when someone brings in donuts.

This time around I'm going to try to wean my way down to the carb maximum instead of just going cold turkey right away. Make the adjustment a little easier hopefully.

It's also good to not have an a tennis match or important work meeting any time around the first few days of Keto. Don't want to have that brain fog and lethargy.


Update.....It's been about 7 months on the Keto diet and I'm down just over 50 lbs. I had a cheat week in there on a trip to Cuba, and a couple other cheat days where I knocked myself out of ketosis. Overall the diet, or should I say lifestyle, if fairly sustainable for me. My goal is to get down to near 200 lbs and to hit that, I am now going to really incorporate some gym time and exercise. To be honest, the only exercise I've been doing this winter is playing Touch Tennis Touch Tennis once a week indoors at a school gymnasium. I need to get in shape for the upcoming outdoor season and get off my lazy backside in general. The long cold winters up here really put a damper on my mood, hence the inactivity.

Keep Calm and Keto On!