Kevin Anderson vs John Isner - Wimbledon SF 2018


Put these 2 on Court 1 FFS. Nobody wants to watch this anymore. It's lived up to it's billing as the worst SF in recent times.
This match had the most ridiculously good volleying I have seen all tournament. Which I suppose counts for nothing anymore. ibbi is right, let's just lay hard courts at Wimby so we can have sightscreen vs sightscreen at all four slams.

Daniel Andrade

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At this point though they can't really be relaxing. They must have been pretty much ready to go since during the 4th set. There's also the fact that there's only maximum 5 hours of play left in the day, and we know both Novak and Rafa like to take their sweet frickin' time.
5 hours?
More like 3 and a half.


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How the hell did Anderson get the break for the 4th against a less tired Isner? Come the hell on Kev.


Such a disrespectful crowd 'Get a shift on, we want to see Rafa'. These guys have been playing out of their breath, show them some respect. Wimbledon crowd always so snobbish,
It's not snobbish they're just fed up of 6 hours of servebot tennis, that's sane if you ask me


whoever wins between Djokovic and Nadal will definitely win on Sunday so they might as well as give out the Trophy presentation tonight