Kevin Anderson vs John Isner - Wimbledon SF 2018

mike danny

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Look I am not saying Nadal hasnt won slams facing weak opponents (btw Nadal's first 2 USOs had Djokovic in the final. Cant imagine a tougher matchup for Nadal than that).
Just that Fed has had AMPLE times when he won those early slams against weaker final opponents.
The current horrible field has benefitted BOTH fed and nadal. Infact fed has benfitted more from the current weak field.
I cant see how '14-16 was weak for Djoko. He beat Fed and Murray numerous times during those wins. Hardly weak opponents
Nadal had easy draws all 3 times at the USO and a sub par Djokovic in 2 of those finals. They were easy wins.

Fed was an old man in 2014-2016 and Murray was easy pickings.

By the same token Hewitt, Roddick, Agassi etc weren't weak opponents either.


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Don't joke about this now cuz it's over. Get them Wimbledon officials to change this crap.
Who knows? John may have won a 5th set breaker.


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Now that's how you celebrate. Take your hat off and walk to the net to shake the other guys hand (or hug in this case).


Sooo, like 30-40 minutes till Djokodal, that's what, 8.30 local time? Guessing they'll close the roof while they get ready.


The winner will be drained for the final.
Its a completely nonsense to be playing with no fifth set tiebreak.
I'd argue that if they don't want to be drained, do something to win in a shorter amount of time. Endurance over the whole tournament is one of the aspects of being a champion, not just their best play when they feel physically at their best.


You guys were happy as hell that Fed lost. So suck it up.
uh no, I was happy that you fedephants were given the karma you deserved for dissing Anderson as a mug because he made it to the USO final last year and lost to Nadal!

get it straight buddy!