Kevlar like wine :) better with age .


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Test to see if Kevlar truly gets better with age :) on my 6th restring with the same 1/2 set of problends Kevlar mains .
I too am shocked and yes your reading this correctly. Now towards the end I’ve had to go shorter and shorter due to tie offs but have managed to keep 6 mains of Kevlar .and I keep a ridiculously amount hanging off the sides thru the tie off nots . I even wrapped it around the frame for this test otherwise w/ a long string on both tie offs you will run out string next time around .. And I believe they get better with age :)
I don’t believe I know FOR SURE BETER W/ age for me !
They tend to soften and open up a bit in the thread . And boy are the comfy plush at this point too .
It’s a crying shame others haven’t tried Kevlar .. it’s a magical little string guys. I can luckily get any strings I want for free . With in reason .. but I prefer to pay out of pocket for pro blend ..
I hate all other Kevlar for some reason .i wrongfully assumed all Kevlar is the same right ???
Nope .. so point being is if you tried other Kevlar and didn’t like , maybe give another manufacture a chance . And do not be afraid to recycle guys it’s truly a better string broken in ! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in :)


I recently found an old racquet from my junior days, strung with Kevlar mains. They must be 25+ years old, maybe I should test out your theory!


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Yes, always loved Pro Blend. IMHO the Kevlar needs to be pre-stretched... a lot. Double pull the mains, clamp it down and leave it over night.. then do it again another time.
Yay ! Another Kevlar fan, there ain’t many of us left I’m afraid . Up until a couple years ago you could find it most acade#@$ sports and dic#$ sporting goods . No more though .. always BUY mine from Tennis Warehouse always .
In any event @Ultra 2 are you being serious about an over night Kevlar sleep over ?
I’d be too freaked out that the held tension would hurt my baby ( racket ) but.. perhaps it may work great .. I don’t have any real way to pre stretch any string except for tieing it off and hand pull or lean into it to create a hard long stretch .. I wish a had a string stretch machine if I did I’d use it a lot .
But yeah man , don’t know what it is about hitting with the pro blend Kevlar but I love whatever it is..
And there ain’t NOTHING to compare to the amount of control I can get going thru the court .
The sound it makes... love it.
The light weight to it ... love it
The way stencil ink seeps into it ... love it
Ps.. just imagine wearing a tan pair of cotton khakis and spill ink on them..
Kevlar after all is a fabric of sorts ....

Lastly ....
The color of it.... I hate it
Man .. I wish we could get white , or optic yellow . Really any option would be cool ..

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Yeah, I use Kevlar on my Prince 90 frames (Graphtec, Approach, & POGs) due to the open pattern. Never had problems leaving them @65lbs with mains only clamped down on a 6 point stringer. Even then when I cut it out, it still has lost quite of bit of tension after play.

Not sure I would recommend that on your modified Head frames though.

As for colors, you can get creative with the crosses :)

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I would use Ashaway kevlar up to 100 hours since it would fray and "ruff" up, thereby giving it incredible bite.

But one thing: couldn't you just restring the cross and not cut the main out? That's what I did.