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    Hi, today i broke my kevlar/polyester string in 2 weeks. I have been using the same guy to string my racquet using the same string for 8 years. However i broke my string way too fast between 2-3 weeks.

    So my question is which string combo and what tension proves to last the longest . Also which over grip is the toughest because my callus scratch it to hell.

    This might sound stupid but can a good stringer become a bad stringer over time. Two string job breaking in less than a month never happen to me before.

    I envy the pros who get the string/overgrip for free :(
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    Apr 3, 2013
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    Many players find as they improve and can bash the ball harder and harder that their strings don't last as long.

    You should know that polyester and kevlar strings are very stiff, and are associated with more elbow, wrist and shoulder overuse injuries than softer strings.

    Also, they become less elastic and go "dead" after 10-30 hours of hitting depending on how hard you hit the ball.

    Thus, most players using these stings replace them before they break, because they will be losing power and control, can feel the difference when the string goes "dead", and don't want to injure their arms by playing with an incredibly stiff/dead string.
    [Once injured, it is very tough to not be able to play if you love tennis.]

    Where are your strings breaking?

    Strings that break in the middle of the racquet usually do so because of gradual fraying/notching of the string, while strings that break near the frame usually break from the sudden jarring impact of a miss hit.

    I don't know which overgrip is the toughest, but I buy Wilson overgrips in bulk, and change them frequently.

    And if you didn't get the above hint from Lukhas, a question on strings should be posted in the Strings section of Talk Tennis, and a question on grips in the "Other Equipment" section.

    Still, I hope this helps.
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