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  1. Shroud

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    Apr 17, 2013
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    Strung my first Kevlar mains with the wise, and in the past with syn gut or poly, I would set the tension to 32 and the machine would pull and the tension would end up at 31.7 coming down from above 32.

    That did not happen with the kevlar. It would often be above 32 say 32.6 and for the most part it was always a different value above 32.

    WHen I got to the crosses, the syngut would always be at 31.7.

    I am trying to relax and realize that this whole thing isnt the exercise in precision I thought it would be, but how can I get a consistent string job when the mains at the same setting are pulling tighter than the crosses?

    Why does this happen? I am guessing its because the kevlar is less stretchy.

    Also should I up the crosses to compensate?

    I also have the machine set to pre-stretch by 25% if that makes a difference.
  2. struggle

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    differ them by 1 pound/unit and see if that gives you the warm fuzzy feeling you are looking for.

    or, maybe lockout the kevlar, but not the synthetic?

    i'd consider within +/-1 pound to be sufficient, but i feel your pain.
  3. Irvin

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    Kevlar is the string with the least amount of stretch so when you pull it it does not stretch. All other strings stretch so when you pull with an electronic tensioner it pulls to some value and stops, then the string stretches and the tensiion falls due to the stretch, and the tensioner pulls again and the process starts all over again.

    So you want a consistent tension on a hybrid string job. The only want to get that is to use two strings that stretch at the same rate. If not then the string with the most stretch will always have the lowest tension.

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