Kfactor Ktour is here!


I really like the pj, it is aesthetically pleasing to me. Another weird thing is that I also like the K90 pj too..... -__-;;


i hit with it a few weeks ago. its nothing particularly special. felt very similar to the old one
Which should I get, nTour Two or kTour?

My racquet progression over the 7 years I've been playing tennis is (all Wilson): Pro Staff Hypercarbon 6.1 X (27.5) --> hTour --> nTour --> kSix-One X. I just sold my kSix-One X's on **** because after 1 year of use the were just too heavy for my 35 year old body...I'm not a big server and rely on groundies, power and consistenc to win points. I was planning on getting some nPro Open X's because I demo'd them at a local facility and enjoyed the spin. I really liked the extended length of both the 6.1's I've used (PS Hyper Carbon & kSix-One) but they both ultimately were too heavy for regular use.

So then last Friday, whilst I was waiting for the nPro Open X's to be shipped, I borrowed a friend's nTour Two and fell in love. So I canceled the nPro Open X's and placed an order for the kTour (successor to nTour Two) since TW now appears not to have my grip size for the nTour Two in stock and has even eliminated the option to order it (4 1/4) because I'm guessing that they are clearing inventory to make the kTour the only option.

Has anyone played with the kTour? My only concern is that it is a bit head heavier and I was looking for an even balance. But then I saw that the hTour was a bit HH too so I guess I should be safe.

Unfortunately, I don't have time to do demos so I need to buy a racquet, pay for upgraded shipping and get used to it quick as I have combo state coming up in a few weeks. HELP!


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I tried it out and it was pretty similar to the ntour 2. I liked serving with this racquet. was a bit more stiff than ntour 2.

Kei Nishikori plays with this..at least the PJ of it.

good looking racquet in my opinion. almost bought it.