Kids to Watch for... and not watch for

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    A not so parallel universe...
    Julien Obry... from France. Just turned 18.
    Absolute natural tennis talent.
    He's got a beautiful game. Beautiful to the point of reminding me of Arazi. He's even short like Arazi.
    If you've seen a nicer one-handed backhand anywhere than this kid's, I'd like to know where.

    The problem with Obry seems to be similar to the problem that plagued Arazi his entire career - that being that when you have the natural talent to hit just about shot in the book, you find yourself with too many options available to you.

    In a recent tournament (shown on the internet), Obry was up 5-0 in the 1st set, looking like he could beat any human on the planet. His play was flawless. Then he lost the next 7 games, and the set, 7-5.
    Fortunately, he came back to win the next two sets.

    I hope that Obry can pull things together psychologically - because he definitely has the physical tools to be a top 10 player - a very noticeable one, at that.

    Timea Babos - from Hungary.
    Ranked 3rd in the world (Juniors).
    I don't like her.
    She hits hard - one of the hardest women's serves I've seen in a long while. The rest of her game is also dependent on power. She's quite physically strong.
    Along with that, however, comes many errors, as her game depends on hitting 'impressive' winners.
    Tennis, however, is a game of consistency and, often, of patience. Babos possesses neither.

    She also has a poor attitude. Very whiny - whining to officials often about calls... and appearing to feel a sense of entitlement - already, at age 16.
    If she has a pro career at all, I imagine she'll languish somewhere between 60 and 100.

    Nicole Gibbs
    . 16 year old American.
    Not highly ranked in Juniors - but that's because of her playing more pro tournaments than most other juniors.
    Yeah - I still like Gibbs.
    Her recent semi-final win over Babos showed a lot of guts - pulling out the tiebreak in the 3rd set.
    She's a fighter. Unfortunately, sometimes she's fighting herself. Up 4-1, and seemingly in control of the final, her game suddenly went South when she began having problems with her first serve.
    At 16, she obviously still has a lot of maturing to do - and there is time for that. With her natural tenaciousness, when/if she matures psychologically/emotionally, she could be a tough one.

    Gibbs doesn't have the strength or power that is so unfortunately prevalent in today's game, but if things come together for her, I can see her cracking the top 25 or so. It might take 5 or 6 years, though.

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