Killed my K95 - new model soon?


Yesterday I killed one of my K95s. It had a short but hard meeting with the court. Stupid me!

Anyway, I still have three models left but my strings break very regularly. I will probably need a fourth one again.

My question is: Wilson comes up with a new model every 2-3 years. Do we have any news about a successor of the K-factor or aren't there any news yet? If there are no news at all: What do you think, when will a new model be released?

I would probably wait for the new model and buy four completely new ones instead - if it's good that is. I can easily wait a few months but not a year or more ;)

Edit: Oh, I just found a similar thread about Wilson's "new performance rackets". I couldn't find any good news in there, but maybe someone knows something...
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Yes there are few frames that will be unveiled at the US open. and new US open issue of Tennis magazine may have some ADs. Many racket companies release new frames at the US open. wish i had some idea on which companies this year though...?????????